When it happened she was already quite numb from the loss of

Woman tells of horror after teenage mugger threatens grieving mum

Carol’s friend, who asked not to be named, said: “I heard him grunting ‘Oi’, and I canada goose factory outlet turned round and he was about a foot away with his hoodie wrapped round his face so we couldn’t see anything below his eyes and wielding a two foot long canada goose outlet branch, about two inches wide, up in the air canada goose outlet toronto factory and said ‘give us the bag and you won’t cheap canada goose uk get hurt’.

“I just looked goose outlet canada at canada goose him defiantly in the eye and said no, so he was a bit flummoxed. uk canada goose canada goose outlet nyc He said it again, ‘drop the bag’, and I said no, we’re not going to canada goose outlet give you the bag, knowing what Carol has just gone through. I took the mobile out of my pocket and showed him it and started talking to him, describing what he was wearing and he just ran off like a scared rabbit.”

“To give mum credit they’d planned to go and spend some time thinking about Doug so after they gave police their statements they went back up there and did just that.”

Carol’s friend said: “I didn’t want Carol’s memory of that place turned bad. We went back to her canada goose outlet house for dinner, then went back and walked round again. I think that was helpful. I fell on my face in the canada goose outlet shop mud, so I hope that’s Carol’s memory of that day.”

Mandy said she and her brother had been stunned and astounded by the response from the public to the incident, and the outrage shown on social media towards the mugger, but her main concern was her mother’s canada goose outlet new york city health.

She said: “It’s hitting her now. When it happened she was already quite numb from the loss of Doug, so I think she was already in shock. You can’t canada goose coats on sale go through something like that and not be affected. She’s fragile.

“I’m so proud of her. I don’t know canada goose outlet store where https://www.fcvfrankfurt.de she’s finding her strength from. Something like this happening to anyone in isolation is enough to tip someone over the edge, buy canada goose jacket cheap but to have gone through such an awful loss within such a short time is heartbreaking.”

Mandy said police had canada goose coats arranged for a specialist support officer to visit Carol and help her deal with what happened.

Mr Heald, who was educated at canada goose jacket outlet Shipton Street School and later York Art School, spent much of his youth roaming freely on the Clifton Backies, sparking a life long canada goose outlet canada passion for natural history and conservation.

His daughter Sarah said: sense of adventure saw him join the Merchant Navy and included a period of time on the Queen Elizabeth.

voyages set the scene for a wanderlust which lasted for the rest of his life. He later worked in graphic design, which led to him becoming a freelance artist and owning two art galleries based in the city centre.

main theme was York and its architecture and he would often be canada goose uk black friday seen with his easel in York many beauty spots. In later years, he concentrated on watercolour scenes of his beloved Yorkshire Dales and Moors. Sarah said her father ran buy canada goose jacket marathons, climbed mountains and cycled everywhere, and travelled round the globe. He later became an ardent campaigner for the many causes close to his heart, in particular animal welfare and the preservation and protection of the city of York, including its historical buildings and sites.

Sarah added: volunteered as a York tour guide to share canada goose outlet sale his enthusiasm and knowledge of York with others. Always generous with his causes, throughout his lifetime he donated most of his wealth to charity, benefitting both people and the environment. She said he left behind his partner Carole, three children Paula, James and Sarah and six grandchildren.

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