Committee to Protect Journalists: “Death toll reaches record level in 2009”


The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) recently released its list of killed journalists in 2009, reporting that at least 68 journalists have been killed this year. This is the highest number of journalists killed per year an organisation ever registered. In 85% of the murders, no-one was brought to justice. And therefore solving the problem of impunity is very important to the CPJ.

According to the CPJ the three deadliest countries in 2009 were:

  1. Philippines: 32
  2. Somalia: 9
  3. Iraq: 4

(On November 23rd this year, at least 30 Philippine journalists have been killed within a brutal massacre.)

Shocking, but recommendable video: Portraits of the Fallen


Besides the CPJ’s list, there’s another one giving details about journalists killed in 2009 by the Wolrd Association of Newspapers (WAN). According to the WAN there were at least 93 media employees killed in 2009.


Well, as I already wrote in my second blog when Natalya Estemirowa was killed in Russia, I think it’s a terrible thing there are still so many journalists killed because of their critical reporting. At least three (!) journalists are killed every month. God, we’re living in the 21st century!

I want to become a journalist myself  in the future and I do have deep respect for those journalists, who know, that their native country’s government is displeased with what they do. But they hold on! Because they belive in what they’re doing. And even if they risk their lives.

Just as the CPJ-woman says in the video above, I’m convinced, that a democracy actually can’t work without a free press. Russia for instance is officially a democracy, too. But just when you hear of people like Anna Politkovskaja or Natalya Estemirova being killed because of their reporting about crime and murders, it’s definitely clear, Russia only pretends to be a democracy in fact …

And so are many other countries all over the globe.

Thanks to Lena, who drew my attention to this topic.

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