Week 5 in review.

Week 5 in England was quite a relaxed one, so this review is going to be rather short. After my return from The Lakes the most important thing for me was to get myself a nice Halloween costume. Hence I went down to the Westfield centre, spent some 15 pounds et voilà, mime costume: check.

So, Wednesday was the big day. I went over to my friends’ place in Howard St as they were having a Halloween party and said that I could join them. We played “Ring of Fire” for a while and ate the cake that two of their friends had brought with them, then went down town to a few clubs, e.g. “Sun Lounge” and “Mosh” (they played Rage Against The Machine – nice!). That was my first night out in Derby btw. and I was  pleasantly surprised. The girls are crazy of course (they are all over the UK, though).

Here we go, Halloween:

Thursday and Friday were quite lazy again, just did some shopping and had my coat dry cleaned. My boss Sarah invited me for lunch on Saturday (we had Käsespätzle – sooo nice of her!) and had a look on my photo book from Stuttgart as she’s been there several times already. Later on I went out again with the folks from Howard St. 😀 This time without any fancy dresses of course. We went to “NoNo8” (they know a guy who works there, so we didn’t have to pay to get in) and “Blue Note” (no, it’s not a jazz club!). French fries at 4 a.m. is not a good idea btw. 😀

Anyway, my boss Michele invited me for dinner on Sunday (which was lovely) and then we went to see the Bonfire fireworks at Markeaton Park close to Derby Uni. It was super cold of course, but it was worth it. 🙂 Here’s a short video of the grand finale:

I’ll be going home for my graduation on Tuesday (Nov.6), so there won’t be a posting for this week … Speak soon.

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