Derby Nightlife Music – I don’t like you.

It’s been more than four months now since I moved to Derby – a city I generally like a lot. The only thing I absolutely dislike, though, is its nightlife music. Before I came to the UK, I thought there’d be loads of great clubs, offering splendid music (I am thinking of alternative stuff, great rock tunes, electro, maybe metal and so on). But the reality is very different.

What you get when you’re going out in Derby is the same thing over and over again. It’s all about chart (= main stream) music. And that’s true for pretty much all the clubs I’ve been to (Walkabout, Mosh, The Blue Note, Scream, Fever, NoNo8, Revolution, Coyote Wild et al). Mosh is not bad as there are three different floors (one of them offering mostly “hard” stuff) and when you’re going to Sun Lounge you might even hear some Dubstep which is quite cool. But still, the majority sticks with the charts. Rather disappointing I’d say.

I’m sick of One Direction (“Kiss You”), Rihanna (“Diamonds”), Gangnam Style, Ke$ha (“Die Young”), Swedish House Mafia (“Don’ You Worry Child”), Calvin Harris (“Drinking From The Bottle”) and so on and so forth. Oh, and by the way, I looked these up on the BBC, didn’t now the names of the songs before …

What I still need to say, though, is, that even when you don’t like the music during a night out, it can still be fun if you’re with the “right” people. And as I’m very lucky to have a bunch of lovely friends, I still enjoy going out a lot. ­čÖé

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